9th February 2019


What is ProLete?
ProLete is a social network designed for the sports industry. It allows athletes and professional to join together, network and build a community.

Is ProLete free?
Yes. ProLete 100% free for all users to sign-up. 

What type of accounts can we open in ProLete?
Users can sign up as either Athletes, Professionals, Coaches, Scouts / Agents or Organisation.

Do each user have different ProLete features to their account?
No all users have the same features within ProLete. It’s our plan in the future to develop the network to more a sophisticated level which can cater more for each type of user.

Does ProLete verify any of the accounts?
Yes. The safety of our users is the most important. ProLete verifies all user accounts including athletes, professionals, coaches and Scouts / Agents.

How do ProLete users recognise and verify certain user accounts?
Each account that is verified will have an official ProLete letter next to the user account.
Athletes – A
Coaches – C
Scouts / Agents – S
Professionals – P
Elite – E

Does ProLete require paperwork from professionals in the industry to help with verification?
Yes. Our ProLete staff will conduct the following for each profile before verification is confirmed:

Athletes need to complete 50% of their profile before being verified (Profile Picture, Cover Photo, Video/Photo posted, About)
Coaches can be verified through background research from our ProLete team, also may be required to confirm and send any coaching certificates.
Scouts / Agents must provide license numbers and correct paperwork to ProLete before being verified.
Professionals can be industry sports professionals such as sports referees, TV sports personalities, sports co-oridinator, admin teams, etc.
Organisations verified by ProLete
Elite verified by ProLete

Will ProLete have a mobile application on the original date of release (10/02/19)?
Currently ProLete is in stage one of development, which is a fully responsive working website that is compatible with mobile and tablet devices. This can be accessed through any internet browser, safari, chrome and firefox and has been tested.In the future for stage two of ProLete we are implementing the mobile application to improve user accessibility.

How do I get involved with ProLete?
We are always happy to hear from people wanting to help. Please e-mail us at info@proleteapp.com.

Don’t see your question? Please e-mail info@proleteapp.com