18th February 2019

FAQ Organisations

What type of organisations can join ProLete?
Any type of Sports Organisations can join ProLete, from institutional to apparel, sports clubs to recruiting services. We welcome all to use our platform to network together.

What type of features does an Organisation account have in ProLete?
Organisations can help promote content and activity through posts, this can help interested members keep engaged with the brand. Also if there are any job opportunities, organisations can post official ads in our job area. ProLete is a perfect social network platform to collaborate and find business partnerships too. 

We’ve posted a job, but can’t see it on the organisation dashboard, why is this?
To prevent spamming and help with content control, ProLete will have to verify job posts before activating it publicly for users to see. Once reviewed, and the job posts are not offensive or conflicting with any of the terms and conditions of ProLete, then it will be approved and appear on the job list.

Is there a joining fee?
No. ProLete is 100% free.

How do we trust user accounts?
ProLete will do our best to protect our users, one way is verifying each account. For example, Scouts / Agents accounts will have to provide paperwork and official license numbers before being verified. Look out for the official ‘O’ accounts to find authorised Organisations. Please read our general FAQ for more information on this.

How do we become verified ProLete accounts?
Organisations once signed-up with a valid e-mail, can complete basic profile sections (profile picture, cover photo, bio). After ProLete will evaluate the profile and verify it with the signature ‘O’. 

Do you allow photo and video upload to accounts?
Currently, our ProLete system is in its first stage, so organisation profiles can only upload photos however video upload is not supported. Best way to share video is to share links via an online video platform (YouTube) to your profile, and this will be visible to all users.

Don’t see your question? Please e-mail info@proleteapp.com