9th February 2019

FAQ Coaches

What is the age limit to join ProLete?
The minimum age to join ProLete is 16. 

Can any coach from any sport join ProLete?
Yes. ProLete is a sports network platform designed for all sports. 

Is there a joining fee?
No. ProLete is 100% free.

What features does a coach profile have with the platform?
Coaches can build their profile, fill their About section with the latest information, network with the ProLete community, post jobs and join coaching groups.

As an coach, will I be able to reach out to athletes?
Yes. Our messaging service allows coaches once connected with professionals and athletes, to send direct messages.

How do we trust user accounts?
ProLete will do our best to protect our users, one way is verifying each account. For example, Scouts / Agents accounts will have to provide paperwork and official license numbers before being verified. Look out for the official ProLete verified accounts. Please read our general FAQ for more information on this.

How do we become Elite ProLete accounts?
Elite accounts are endorsed and chosen by ProLete – usually professional members who have built up their career, with a strong following.

I want to post a job relating to my programme and completing the form, why can’t I see it on the job board?
The job you posted is currently pending. ProLete has to verify the job before allowing it to be posted officially on the website, this can prevent spam and help with the safety of users.

Do you allow photo and video upload to accounts?
Currently, our ProLete system is in its first stage, so athletes can only upload photos however video upload is not supported. Best way to share video is to share links via an online video platform (YouTube) to your profile, and this will be visible to all users.

Don’t see your question? Please e-mail info@proleteapp.com